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Keeping with the DORA theme this week, I recently interviewed Carina Myles, a Governance, Risk and Compliance partner in Eisner Amper, about the new regulation.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The main difference between CBoI guidance on Operational Resilience and DORA.
  • What DORA means for a firm that is aligned to CBoI guidance?
  • What will DORA compliance look like for smaller organisations (e.g. credit unions) vs larger ones?
  • The challenges of getting service providers to understand regulatory compliance.
  • The common realisation that your IT service provider is not managing your security.
  • Why the CBoI guidance on Op Resilience was written with DORA in mind.
  • The challenges of the Technical Standards, especially in relation to contracts.

You can watch the interview here on YouTube*.

If you would prefer to listen – The interview will be included in the next episode of The Cybersecurity Without Insanity podcast. You will be able to access it from https://codeinmotion.ie/podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.


* If you work in an organisation that blocks access to YouTube, let me know. If this is still a common restriction, I will look at publishing these interviews on another platform.