SANITY // What does ‘reasonable’ look like?

You have concerns

You have concerns about cyber:

  1. You are concerned about the cost of a cyber attack
  2. You are concerned about the cost of defending against such an attack
  3. You are concerned about the ability of your IT providers to implement the required security defences at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable timeframe
  4. You are concerned about where to start and where to end

You can continue to be hopeful that what you have is reasonable and sufficient. Or you can take action to be certain.

The Cyber Sanity Call

The Cyber Sanity Call is a virtual workshop that is free for risk-averse or regulated organisations.

It is designed to help the person who is ultimately accountable for IT and cybersecurity, even though IT is not their primary area of expertise.

What to expect from your Sanity Call:

Expect to restore your SANITY by getting CLARITY.

  • Clarity about the most significant gaps in your security defences.
  • Clarity about what you should do to deal with these issues.

We will sketch out a pragmatic, iterative approach that will ensure your cybersecurity defences are reasonable and aligned to the concerns and capabilities of your organisation, and to the expectations of your clients and prospects.

How to book your Sanity Call:

  1. Book a slot in my calendar that suits you.
  2. You will receive a meeting invite confirming the date/time for the session.
  3. A couple of days before the session, I will send you a short questionnaire that is designed for a non-techie. Your answers will help me to understand your situation so you can get maximum value from the call. It is not mandatory for you to complete this before our call, but it is recommended.