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Apparently, I’ve just achieved a milestone – I have now published 250 articles in my ongoing quest to help ‘normal’ people manage cyber security without losing their sanity.


So, after 250 emails, will I run out of ideas soon?


So far, I’ve figured out how to link cyber security to…

So, I’m not so sure I’ll be out of ideas any time soon…

But I think it’s time I took a breath and and asked about you.

So, here’s your chance…


Imagine we met face-to-face for a coffee.

What is the top challenge / roadblock that you’d like to pick my brains on?

What are the 2 questions you’d ask me?


I’m really interested in hearing back from each of you*.

Just reply to this email. It will land straight into my inbox and I’ll answer every email. Your responses will also help me identify the themes / topics that you are most interested in, so I can focus on these in the future.**


* Yes, I mean YOU!

** However, I reserve the right to continue to find tenuous links between cyber security and the ‘real’ world.