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In France, men are not allowed to wear loose fitting swimming togs or Bermuda shorts in swimming pools.

Government regulations require you to wear swimming trunks that we would call “budgy smugglers”.

(If you don’t know what budgie smugglers look like, I will let you do a Google image search to find the answer. Let’s just say they leave little to the imagination..)

My initial reaction to this rule was amusement, as I assumed it was just a way for the locals to perform what would be regarded as public acts of indecency in Ireland.

But it turns out the rule is quite logical.

Loose fitting swimming shorts or Bermuda shorts could be worn all day. This means you could wear them at the beach or walking around town before you then wear them in the swimming pool. This means any sand or .. dirt .. that has been picked up along the way is now polluting the water in the swimming pool.

What has this got to do with cyber security?

Sometimes, rules and recommendations that may seem illogical at first glance can turn out to be very beneficial.

So, next time someone recommends that you use a password manager, think about these budgy smugglers!