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Bank of Dave

I recently watched “Bank of Dave” on Netflix.

It’s a cute movie, apparently based on a true story with bad guys (bankers and regulators) and good guys (an unauthorised money lender a local guy trying to help the local community).

The story is based in Burnley, a town in the north of England.

The film includes numerous aerial shots of Burnley, and it looks like a beautiful town.

And yet we’re told in the film that Burnley was at that time one of the most deprived areas of England. Apparently, Burnley had the highest number of burglaries per head in England and Wales in 2008/2009. (Things have significantly improved since then).


So what?

From a height, anywhere can look idyllic.

But on the ground, when you get into the detail, you may realise things aren’t so good.


What has this got to do with cybersecurity?

If you assess your security on the basis of your alignment with regulatory guidance..

you’re doing your assessment from a helicopter.

From this height, you miss the detail and may not see the basic things that are amiss on the ground.

And while you are in your helicopter, cyber burglars remain on the ground, testing your doors and windows.


So what?

Even when you are operating at a height and checking your alignment to regulatory guidance…

Make sure someone is on the ground, checking that your organisation is not an easy target for an unsophisticated cyber crime.