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Following on from my story yesterday about how AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been used to help a tradesman with dyslexia, there’s also a solution for anyone dealing with Corporate Jargon.

Corporate Jargon? You know, the long emails from HQ that may contain 1 important sentence buried in a 1000-word essay.

Well, AI can help here too!

Here is a screenshot of what HQ might issue:

And here is the output from the AI tool:

You can read more from the author of yesterday’s app and today’s “Corporate Jargon Killer” app on Twitter – https://twitter.com/DannyRichman/status/1598643564971544580?s=20&t=WOnliKERuAO5fLA9XhWz1w


So what?

As I said yesterday, if Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t something you think about right now, I predict we will all be thinking about it in 2023.