You’ve locked the Windows. But the door is still open.

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When I recently wrote about technology red flags (playing golf with a shovel), I mentioned that an organisation buying its laptops from PC World is one such flag.

I have nothing against PC World. But the majority of laptops sold by such retailers are for home use.

And I do have a problem with an organisation relying on technology that is designed for home use.

A laptop is a laptop, isn’t it?

Laptops designed for home use look the same as ‘business’ laptops.

From the outside, the main difference is the price tag – They are usually cheaper than business laptops.

A […]

Small bets

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All change involves risk. To mitigate the risk, we try to avoid change altogether, we go all in, or we plan to the nth degree. But there’s another way - Small bets. Small steps. Small spends. Small risks.