The insider threat

December 2nd, 2019|Categories: cybersecurity, staff|

Most employees want to get their job done and go home. Most ex-employees want to move on with their lives. But it only takes one to cause havoc for your firm.

There’s always one

October 11th, 2019|Categories: change, mindset|

IT projects and other planned changes frequently fail - They exceed budgets, timelines, or fail to deliver the expected benefits. It may not be a technology problem. It may be a people problem. And there could be a very rational reason for this problem that should have been considered from the start.

Playing golf with a shovel

September 2nd, 2019|Categories: approach, cybersecurity, it service provider, risk|

Running a professional organisation using technology that is designed for the home is like playing golf with a shovel. From a distance, it all looks fine. But you don't need to get too close to realise things aren't going to go well when there's real competition on the course, or if the weather changes.

Small bets

May 10th, 2019|Categories: approach, change, risk|

All change involves risk. To mitigate the risk, we try to avoid change altogether, we go all in, or we plan to the nth degree. But there’s another way - Small bets. Small steps. Small spends. Small risks.