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Please look after this bear.

Securing your finances as a 5 year old

This is the Paddington Bear money box that my grandmother gave me when I was 5.

It provided me with a significant security capability. My money was safe unless someone could crack the code.

I felt it was enough to secure my finances from my 7-year-old sister and her expensive Rowntree’s Aero addiction.


A few years later, when I was 8 (I think), I hit the jackpot: I made my First Communion.

At 8 years of age, I knew enough about the world to realise that the capabilities of my current solution were no longer fit for purpose:

  1. My finances were of far more interest to my sibling, and
  2. My existing security measures were laughable against this threat.

I knew I had to upgrade to a better solution.

Security as an 8 year old

We are not as smart as an 8-year-old.

When we were growing up and constantly aware of the threat posed by our siblings, we recognised the need to regularly assess risks and defences.

We knew what worked as a 5-year-old was unlikely to work when we were 8.

Now, as mature adults responsible for the success of our organisations, why are we no longer as quick to review risks and defences?

The threats that our organisations faced 3 years ago are probably not the same as the threats they now face.

What has your organisation done recently to identify and defend against these threats?

Is Paddington Bear still a key component of your defences?