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I know you love your Android phone. But when you see stories such as this one on Bleeping Computer, are you not even a tiny bit concerned?

The article describes how recently-discovered malicious software targeting Android devices:

  • “Allows the attacker to see the device’s screen in real-time (screen streaming).
  • Executes touch and swipe gestures remotely on the infected device.
  • Enables typing text into specified fields.
  • Simulates physical button presses like Back, Home, and Recents.
  • Activates the device’s screen remotely to make any info available for capture.”

(This is just a sample of what the software can do. The article has the full list).


And how can this malware get installed on an Android device?

According to Bleeping Computer, “the malware is delivered through a fake Google Chrome update [advertisement] that is shown while using the web browser [on an Android device]”.


So what?

I’m not suggesting the alternative, an Apple iPhone, is 100% secure.

But most significant attacks targeting iPhone users take a little bit more effort than just fooling someone into clicking a fake ad.

And apparently, malware capable of gaining this level of control over an iPhone would cost a lot of money – Over $100,000 per victim.


So what?

Due to the significant costs involved, the likelihood of this type of attack is pretty low for most iPhone users.

As one famous French make-up company never said: “Because you’re not worth it.”