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The English Premier League is back. But here’s one score that wasn’t reported on Match of the Day:

Password Manager: 1. AI: 0.


Because, according to a report in Decrypt*, researchers have developed an AI algorithm that has “achieved 93-95% accuracy in detecting which keys were pressed based solely on audio recordings.”

In other words, cyber attackers may be able to figure out your password just by listening to the sound of you typing it in.


If you use a password manager, all they will hear is the joyous sound of CTRL+C and CTRL+P**.

AI is no match for a password manager***.


* Thanks to Alex Banks for mentioning this research in his excellent Sunday Signal newsletter.

** The key combinations for COPY and PASTE. And yes, I know that in a Mac world, it’s COMMAND+C and COMMAND+V.

*** pun intended!