Advisory Services

I provide consulting / advisory services to businesses that need someone who speaks plain English, filters out the noise, and gets to the point as quickly as possible.
  • I work with you to identify the right steps, and the right order in which to take them.
  • I use easy-to-understand yet globally-recognised frameworks as our guide, so you will be able to speak confidently about how your defences align to a recognised standard.
  • If you are a regulated firm, I show you how to prove to your Board and your regulators that you are aligning to regulatory expectations.
  • If you sell to regulated firms, I show you how to prove to these firms that you are not a risk to their security. Right now, you may think you are a solution, but they think you are a risk.
I offer a number of approaches, to align to the different ways you may want to do this.  

Approach 1: Advise and Mentor

What it is: Retained ‘DIY Ask Me Anything’ advisory service

Best option if: Time is not a major constraint and you want to learn while you do. Therefore, you want to do this yourself, at your own pace, and following an approach that you have chosen. But you want someone you can contact if you hit a roadblock, so you don’t burn days going down rabbit holes looking online for an answer.

Why: You will get stuck along the way – You may be unclear about what you need to do, or which option is the best one for your organisation. When you get stuck, I will get you unstuck.

How: 1 review meeting per week (1 x scheduled 30-minute Zoom call) + ad-hoc support by email (subject to fair usage limit)

Benefit: You improve momentum and reduce frustration, by having access to my knowledge and experience.


Approach 2: Guide and Partner

What it is: Retained ‘Done With You’ consultancy service

Best Option If: You want to lead this but time is a concern -and you need to make progress. You want a partner who can guide you on what to do and someone who is there to get you unstuck. Someone with the expertise to be your trusted advisor as you lead the internal effort to get this right.

Why: You need a trusted partner to give you a structure that will guide you on what needs to be done next; someone to point you to templates for policies and procedures so you spend less time writing and more time implementing; someone who is available when you get stuck.

How: 2 meetings per week (2 x scheduled 60-minute Zoom calls) + summary notes issued after each meeting + follow-up on any actions agreed the meeting + ad-hoc support by email (subject to a more generous fair usage limit)

Benefit: You maximise momentum and minimise frustration, as you will be following a structured approach that takes the most direct route to your chosen destination. You will also have a trusted and experienced advisor on your team who will be guiding you down the right path.


Approach 3: Deliver

What it is: ‘Done For You’ project delivery service.

Best Option If: Time is a major concern – You are under pressure to get this sorted once and for all. You know you will remain accountable for the success of the initiative, so you want to remain informed of progress. But you need someone who can take responsibility and guide your organisation through this.

Why: Time is of the essence. Clients, prospects, board members, or regulators are asking for evidence of your security measures and you are pretty sure the evidence does not exist. If you don’t get this sorted out asap, you are going to be in trouble.

How: We can work out the details in the early stages of the engagement. It usually includes weekly status reporting to you, monthly status reporting that can be used for stakeholders, and frequent contact between me and your internal staff and external partners.

Benefit: You will see significant progress in a short space of time, and you will reach the best destination for your organisation significantly faster than if you were to do this yourself.


Are we a good fit?

Given the nature of these engagements, I only commit to a small number at any one time. If you want to discuss your needs in more detail and see if we’re a good fit, schedule a FREEin45 call. Even if we don’t go any further, I guarantee that these 45 minutes will give you clarity on what you need to do and how you should start. Alternatively, if that all sounds too much like a sales funnel, just get in touch.