About Me

Sam Glynn

Hi, I’m Sam Glynn.

I enable senior executives in financial services to focus on their ‘real’ job, by resolving the recurring business problems that are taking up too much of their time.

With my knowledge of technology and my experience helping businesses to manage change, I know how to identify and implement pragmatic solutions to operational problems.

Many of my solutions involve the implementation of technical controls and organisational processes to ensure the appropriate use of Microsoft Excel within key business processes.

My qualifications


MSc Technology Management (University of Limerick and University College Cork).

BSc Computer Science (University of Limerick).

Data Protection

Through the International Association of Privacy Practitioners (IAPP), I am certified as a CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe) and a CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager).

I hold a Professional Certificate in Data Protection, attained through the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI) and accredited through the Institute of Banking (IoB) and University College Dublin (UCD).

I am a member of the International Association of Privacy Practitioners (IAPP) and a designated member of the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland.

Anything else

Diploma in Psychology (Dublin Business School) – But no, I can’t read your mind!

My experience

I worked in the financial services industry for 15 years in various IT and management roles. I left the corporate world in 2012 to provide independent IT advice to small / medium-sized businesses in Ireland.

I have helped clients implement new technology, improve existing systems, replace IT providers, and lock down their cybersecurity.

In the run-up to GDPR, I also helped many clients with data protection, of which IT security is only one element. Businesses face common issues when trying to comply with the law. My background in IT (translating the technical world to the real world) and project management (getting a business from A to B) enables me to guide them through the maze.

For more information on my experience along with testimonials from clients, my LinkedIn profile is a good place to start.

My clients

I don’t publish a full client list. I don’t actively seek testimonials but you will find testimonials from a small number of my clients on LinkedIn. I can provide additional client references if you need them.

My clients come from a range of industries and are usually in the private sector: e.g. Financial services, recruitment, waste management, plus numerous other B2B and B2C businesses.

Your industry is seldom the most important factor, once you have a desire to solve urgent and important problems in your business.

My partners

I am the only consultant in Code in Motion. I do not employ junior staff who would use your business as their training ground.

I  work with other organisations at times and frequently partner with 3rd parties to ensure the successful delivery of technology solutions.

In the world of data protection, I am a regular trainer on IAPP’s CIPP/E certification training course in Ireland, described by IAPP as “the most encompassing, up-to-date and sought-after global training and certification programme for privacy and data protection professionals”.