Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year when we resolve to make ourselves…



(And less hungover?)


Can I help?

I can’t help you with those resolutions, but…

If you are self-employed and responsible for your own IT security…

I can definitely help you to be more secure in 2024.

(Just give me 45 minutes of your time.)


Why can I help?

As you may know, I help regulated financial services companies with IT risk and security ‘stuff’.


I am also self-employed and responsible for securing:

  • My laptop
  • My phone
  • My email account
  • My files

I also frequently help my friends and colleagues to secure:

  • Their laptops
  • Their phones
  • Their email accounts
  • Their files


So what?

If you are like my friends and colleagues:

You don’t spend your life worrying about IT security.

But you do worry about:

  • Being seen as an easy target by cyber criminals.
  • Being seen as a risk by your clients.


How can you become more secure?

  1. You can ask ChatGPT, hope it doesn’t hallucinate, and then try to work out how to do the things it has suggested.
  1. You can watch YouTube videos and wonder where the last 6 hours of your life went.
  1. You can join my webinar so I can walk you through it.


What will you learn on the webinar?

  1. WHO you need to worry about (It’s not James Bond).
  1. WHAT you need to do (which is not the same as what a large company needs to do).
  1. WHY you need to do it (even if you don’t believe you’re a valuable target).
  1. HOW to do it quickly (including the tools & apps that I use myself).



Click here to learn more.


(PS If you have a small team working for you, or you use sub-contractors, I’ll have some helpful pointers for you too.)