Cybersecurity for Small Business

I work with small businesses that are grappling with cybersecurity, and help them manage the risks like a pro.

I help the business owner, CEO or the person responsible for IT who is under pressure to:

  • Understand the real cybersecurity threats to their business
  • Identify some simple steps they can take to address the immediate threats
  • Act step-by-step, at a pace and cost that suits the organisation’s needs and budget

I focus on providing plain English explanations of the most likely threats to your business, and the pragmatic steps you can take to reduce the likelihood and impact of a successful cybersecurity attack.

When can I help?

I may be a good fit if you are frustrated by:

  • Lack of clarity – You read a lot about cybersecurity threats and attacks, but you don’t know what you should be focused on.
  • Lack of confidence – You are very concerned about an attack on your business – Because of the immediate financial loss, the medium term cleanup cost, and the longer term reputational cost. 
  • Lack of answers – You struggle to provide coherent answers when your clients or prospects ask you about how you are protecting their data against cybersecurity attacks.
  • Lack of solutions – You are unable to find a way to do this at a reasonable cost. You don’t have the expertise to do it all in-house, but you also don’t have the budget or desire to engage consultants on a longer-term basis to do it all for you.

Who am I?


Sam Glynn

I am Sam Glynn. I have worked in IT for almost 25 years.

I worked in various IT management roles in the financial services industry for 15 years. I established Code in Motion in 2012 to provide independent IT advice to small businesses. 

Alongside my IT qualifications and experience, I am also a qualified data protection officer.

LinkedIn can tell you more.



Am I the solution for you?

Steps on a ladder.

Improving your cybersecurity defences is like taking steps up a ladder.

Your business probably doesn’t need to get to the top of the ladder.

But you need to know which step is right for you, and how to get to that step. 

I bring the ladder, I hold it steady, and I guide you step-by-step.

‘Good Enough’ is good enough.

Businesses seldom benefit from perfect solutions – They take too long and cost too much.

[Good enough] is probably good enough. 

My guidance is pragmatic, and tailored to the concerns, objectives and resources of your business.

It is ‘me’, not ‘we’.

I do not have a bench of junior associates focused on filling chargeable hours.

I have many trusted and experienced 3rd parties who I can call on if we need their specific skills.

But if you choose to work with me, it will be me.

I understand technology but I communicate in plain English.

I don’t use all of the latest techie terminology in an effort to prove my knowledge. I can go down that rabbit-hole with techies when necessary.

I use plain English to help you understand what it takes to defend your business like a pro.