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IT solutions so you can get back to what’s important.

I work with senior executives to resolve business issues that are taking up too much of their time.

I enable you to get out of the constant cycle of firefighting, freeing up your time to focus on your ‘real’ job.

My work usually involves technology. But my focus is on the business outcome that you want.

The common problems

As a senior executive, you probably see a range of issues in your business, including:

  • Low-value tasks: Staff are spending too much time on manual tasks, preventing them from focusing on higher-value activities.
  • Basic mistakes: Some staff are making basic mistakes that are costly to resolve down the line. These mistakes are impacting on your clients’ perception of your business.
  • Constraints: The business is growing but certain processes are not able to scale, resulting in a linear increase in costs.
  • Systems are not working together: Some IT systems are not talking to each other. It is difficult for people to access the information they need to do their job.
  • Trust: You no longer trust the 3rd parties who are managing your IT systems. You fear they are contributing to the problems you are experiencing.

Finding a solution is not always easy

The solution to many of your problems may involve technology.But you’re not sure where to turn.

Your past experiences with technology people do not inspire confidence.

  • They focus on the technology, not the problem or business outcome you need
  • They can be difficult to work with. A simple question seldom results in a simple answer
  • They are not always reliable. Calls are not returned, commitments are not always met
  • Their estimates are pie-in-the-sky and costs usually exceed what you expected
  • Their solutions introduce more complexity and ongoing cost into the business

And after all that, the original problem is not always solved to your satisfaction.

The impact on you

It is stressful to deal with the same issues over and over again.

It is frustrating when there is no clear, obvious way to permanently eliminate the issues.

You feel like you are in a constant firefight, reacting to the latest problem. You find yourself avoiding certain people so you don’t hear about the latest mess.

You have very little time to focus on more profitable (and interesting) activities. Fire-fighting is taking up too much of your time.

Too many long days dealing with basic problems is demotivating. Long hours are fine when you’re working on new and interesting things. But they are a nightmare when the time is spent fixing the same problems over and over again.

Stress. Frustration. Constantly fire-fighting. Long days.

This is not sustainable.

How can I help?

Sam Glynn

Hi, I am Sam Glynn.

I focus on resolving business problems and achieving the business outcomes that you need.

I am a technology person and I provide technology-led solutions.

But technology is seldom the only element involved in solving a business problem. It can also require discussions with your staff and collaboration with trusted 3rd parties, as well as process / procedural changes, training, etc.

I spend time with you to understand the outcome that you need. I identify the most pragmatic solution to achieve this outcome. I then work with you, your staff and your 3rd parties to deliver the solution.

Technology is useful.

But it’s useless if the business outcome is not achieved.

The result

By working with me, I guarantee better outcomes:

  • The recurring problems in the business will be resolved (forever)
  • Your staff will be able to focus on higher value tasks
  • You will have more time to do your ‘real’ job

No song and dance.

Just focused, pragmatic improvements to ensure you are always getting better.

Am I for you?

Unsure if I am someone you could work with?

My attitudes and ways-of-working are the best way to decide if I am someone you could work with.

We can talk about my approach or my knowledge and experience later.

I know tech. I speak plain English.

Yes, I have the technology knowledge. But that’s not the most important thing.

  • I know technology: I have worked in IT for 20+ years. I have a BSc in Computer Science, MSc in Technology Management, and spent 14 years employed in various IT roles within the financial services industry. LinkedIn can tell you more.
  • I know the real world: I have worked for over 7 years as an independent IT adviser to Irish businesses, including 2 years advising businesses about the parallel universe known as GDPR and data protection. Clients do not pay me because I can write lines of code. I get paid because I can solve business problems.
  • I speak plain English: I speak about business problems and technology solutions in plain English. I’ll do the techie stuff behind the scenes.

Good is better than perfect.

Good is better than perfect because ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’.

  • I dislike perfect: I prefer a good solution that gets delivered quickly. In an academic world, ‘perfect’ is better than ‘good’. In the real world, ‘perfect’ usually requires far more time and money, and the result can be complex and inflexible. This is why good is usually better than perfect.
  • I dislike complexity: I prefer simple solutions that just work and do not require someone with an MSc to maintain.
  • I dislike new and shiny: Where possible and appropriate, I prefer to use the technology you already have in your business rather than introduce something new. You need a solution, not more technology.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

The big things matter. But so do the small things.

  • I know what I know: If I do not believe I can deliver a solution that will meet your desired business outcome, I will tell you. It does not help either of us if I work on a problem that cannot benefit from my knowledge and experience.
  • I hate optimistic estimates and missed deadlines: I am pragmatic (or perhaps pessimistic) when considering how long something will take. When I state a completion date, it will be met.
  • I hate unknown costs: If I state a fixed price (and I usually strive to do so), that will be the price you pay. I bear the risk of getting the price wrong.
  • I hate the invisible man: If you email me (or call me when I can’t answer), I will respond to you within 24 hours (probably sooner).

Am I not for you?

I am not a good fit for every business or every business problem.

I’m not sure I can help if:

  • Your primary focus is cost rather than a successful outcome. I’m not the cheapest option. (But will the cheapest option just clock up hours or actually solve the problem?)
  • Your problem is not urgent or important. For example, the problem is a bit of a pain but you’re not really concerned if it remains unresolved for another 6 months.
  • You have already decided on the solution or technology: I may not be a good fit if you just need someone to deliver a solution you have already chosen, and you do not want to discuss whether this is actually the best solution to deliver the business outcome you need.
  • You need creative design skills. As you can tell from this website, I’m not a creative designer!

I usually work with B2B or B2C service-based businesses. While some of my clients sell a ‘product’, their key competitive advantage is the quality of the service provided by their staff.

I do not work full-time with one business at a time. I usually work with a small number of businesses at any one time. This ensures you are not just paying me to occupy a desk and clock up hours when I’m not needed.

Let’s talk

If I sound like someone you could work with, let’s talk.

As a first step, I’d be delighted to get 30 minutes of your time on the phone.

Just give me some background using the form below and we can take it from there.

I will send you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in advance of our call so you can be certain that everything we discuss will remain confidential.

Privacy: Breaching your trust would destroy my business. I will only use your personal data for the purposes of responding to your query. More information is accessible in my privacy policy.