I help financial services firms that have a low appetite for regulatory attention to manage cyber risks and regs.

Hi, I’m Sam.

I interpret Cybersecurity Risks and Regulations into Actionable Advice.

So you don’t burn Time, Money, or Sanity trying to keep up.

Wouldn’t you love to know you’ve got this under control?

If this is your first time here, the best way to get oriented is to take my free 5-day Cyber Without Insanity course.

In 5 minutes or less each day, I will show you how to keep up with cyber risks and regulations without losing your sanity.

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What do my clients say?

Sam is really easy to work with. He is highly organised with good clear communication. He always uses plain English, and avoids IT-speak!! The structure he brought to the process made it much easier for us to go through this – It brought real clarity to our current situation and the steps required to get to where we want to be. Sam’s pragmatism is also very refreshing – Too many IT / Cyber Consultants that I have encountered in the past just pushed the party line and did not consider the audience or organisational situation that they were dealing with. It is great that Sam was always on our wavelength in terms of identifying what is practical/possible, given the size and capability of our organisation and the needs of our clients.
Rebecca McGee, Head of IT & Brand

Xcentuate partners with customers in the Financial Services, Agri, Pharma and Public sectors in EMEA and Asia-Pacific to transform their business operations. We know it is critical to get cyber security right so we can protect our customers and our business. We asked Sam to guide us.

From Day 1, I knew we had made the right decision. Step-by-step and always through plain English, Sam showed us how we could get from where we were to where we needed to be. His recommendations were always pragmatic and well-grounded. Every action was understandable,  achievable, and tied to a clear security benefit.

If you are confused about what appropriate security looks like, what’s important versus what’s just noise, I highly recommend that you ask Sam to define a clear path for your organisation.

IT isn’t our forte so we needed someone in our corner explaining in layman’s terms our current set-up, what needs to be done and how best to do it. Sam broke it down into a series of manageable steps and was willing to work as a liaison between our service provider. He translated IT language into language we could understand. The structure of his recommendations report ensured we were never overwhelmed by the task at hand. We would not have progressed to the point where we are without Sam – end of story. We can now respond to the Central Bank’s Risk Evaluation Questionnaire with a lot more confidence.
Marie Ainsworth, CEO, Mount Street Group
Sam is the only IT person I know who doesn’t talk out of his a**. He speaks like people speak!

Identity Protected!, Operations Manager of Regulated Financial Services Firm

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Worried about a cyber attack?
My Security Assessment will identify gaps in your cyber security defences and provide you with a prioritised, pragmatic action plan so you’re not an easy target.

Worried about your regulatory compliance?
My Cyber Regulations Workshop will help the management team identify your most obvious regulatory gaps, so we can get on with formulating a pragmatic action plan that addresses these gaps.

Worried about your staff being targeted?
I provide a number of staff awareness training / awareness / support services.

Not sure what you’re worried about?
A 90-minute Ask Me Anything session will help you to get some clarity.

Need ongoing assistance?
Perhaps you need me as your Advisor On Call, so you can immediate and informed advice.

Who Am I?

Sam Glynn

I am Sam Glynn.

I have been working with regulated financial services firms for over 25 years, providing independent IT and cyber security advice to executives and senior managers.

And it is my goal to ensure ‘normal’ people know how to manage cybersecurity risks and regulations without losing their sanity.