Security Without Insanity

Focused Risk Management. Fast ISO 27001 Implementations.

No Juggling

Stop the stress of trying to do this alongside your ‘real job’.

No Jargon

Clear, easy-to-understand actions without the technical jargon.

No Juniors

You will be paying for our experience, not funding our education.

Pragmatic – Independent – Professional

Independent Risk Management Expertise & Pragmatic ISO 27001 Guidance
to get you aligned or certified to the
Global Standard in Information Security Management.

It’s not about Perfection. It’s about Pragmatism.

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What Our Clients Say

“During my time as CEO at Ark Life Assurance, we engaged Code in Motion to help us align our IT and cyber security controls to regulatory expectations. They consistently demonstrated deep and wide technical skills, but more importantly, exceptional interpersonal skills. Beyond the professional expertise, Code in Motion were always pragmatic, and on more than one occasion helped us regain momentum by ensuring we focused on the ‘next best action’. This not only made Code in Motion a valuable asset to our team but also a pleasure to work alongside”.

Ann Kelleher

CEO, Ark Life (Now part of Irish Life Group)

“The structure that Code in Motion brought to the engagement made it much easier for us to make progress, as it brought real clarity to our current situation and the steps required to get to where we want to be. Their pragmatism is also very refreshing – Too many IT / Cyber Consultants that I have encountered just push the party line and do not consider the audience or organisational situation that they are dealing with. It is great that Sam and his colleagues were always on our wavelength in terms of identifying what is practical/possible, given the size and capability of our organisation and the needs of our clients.”

Rebecca McGee

Head of IT, LIA

“From Day 1, I knew we had made the right decision. Step-by-step and always through plain English, Code in Motion showed us how we could get from where we were to where we needed to be. The recommendations were always pragmatic and well-grounded. Every action was understandable,  achievable, and tied to a clear security benefit. If you are confused about what appropriate security looks like, what’s important versus what’s just noise, I highly recommend that you engage Sam and his associates to define a clear path for your organisation.”

Dan Carroll

COO, Xcentuate

“Sam is the only IT person I know who doesn’t talk out of his a**. He speaks like normal people speak!”

Identity Protected!

Operations Manager, Regulated FS Firm

Clear Strategy. Pragmatic Implementation.