IT Adviser to Company Executives & Board Members


I advise executives and board members who are experts in their field (but technology is not that field of expertise).

I enable my clients to identify and address the most significant weaknesses in their organisational and technical capabilities, especially in relation to cybersecurity risk. 

I help executives and board members to:

  • Understand the real risks that may prevent their organisation from achieving its strategic goals.
  • Identify the steps they can take to deal with these real risks, and
  • Prove to the board and other interested stakeholders that the target strategy can be achieved.


When can I help?

I may be a good fit if you are frustrated by:

  • Lack of confidence – You are concerned that your business strategy is unlikely to be achieved because of current organisational and technical constraints.
  • Lack of sleep – You are concerned about a cyber attack on your business – Because of the immediate financial loss, the medium term cleanup cost, and the longer term reputational cost. 
  • Lacks of wins – You have a nagging feeling that you are not converting prospects into paying clients because they perceive you as a risk. You are losing out to bigger competitors because they are perceived as ‘safer’. 
  • Lack of answers – You struggle to get coherent answers from your internal teams or external service providers.
  • Lack of solutions – You are unable to find a way to solve this in a pragmatic way. You don’t have the expertise or time to do it all in-house, but you also don’t have the desire to engage a fleet of consultants to wow you with pre-packed presentations and graphs.

Who am I?

Sam Glynn

I am Sam Glynn. I have worked in the world of Corporate IT for almost 25 years.

I worked in various IT management roles in the financial services industry for 15 years. I established Code in Motion in 2012 to provide independent IT, cybersecurity and data protection advice to large regulated financial services firms.

I have spent years helping regulated firms and enterprises to manage IT security risk and to prove their regulatory compliance. Most now have this nailed. And most are now turning their attention to their supply chain. 

I now help the organisations that are in this supply chain to get their house in order, so they are no longer perceived as a risk by their regulated and/or enterprise clients.

Less risk. More sales. What more do you need to know?

LinkedIn can tell you more.


Am I the solution for you?

I understand technology but I communicate in plain English.

I don’t use all of the latest techie terminology in an effort to prove my knowledge. I can go down that rabbit-hole when necessary.

I use plain English to help you understand what it takes to deliver your business strategy. 

It is ‘me’, not ‘we’.

If you are comfortable working with a Big Four consultancy firm, I am not for you. I do not have a bench of junior associates.

I have many trusted and experienced 3rd parties who I call on if we need their specific skills.

But if you choose to work with me, it will be me.

You will be paying for my experience, not funding my education.

‘Good Enough’ is good enough.

Businesses seldom benefit from perfect solutions – They take too long and cost too much.

[Good enough] is usually good enough. 

My guidance is pragmatic, and tailored to the concerns and resources of your business, and the expectations of your clients, prospects, board members and regulators.

You need provable security. 

Every business needs to take pragmatic steps to protect itself against the most likely cybersecurity threats.

However, you need to do more:

  • If you are a regulated firm, you need to prove to your Board and your regulators that you align to regulatory expectations.
  • If you sell to regulated and/or enterprise firms, you need to prove to these firms that you are not a risk to their security. You may think you are a solution, but they think you are a risk.

I will help you to manage the risk. More importantly, I will show you how to prove it.